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Comfort, agility
and power: OWURU
simplifies your
electric bike

Owuru propulsive module


Taking inspiration from the automotive world, the OWURU power unit combines intelligent assistance and gear change functions into a single unit. But more than in a traditional motor and gearbox, the two functions form an inseparable whole to provide a new kind of riding experience. In perfect symbiosis with the effort of your legs, the system continuously adjusts the gear ratio, optimising the delivery of power to the wheel. The result? A fluid, jolt-free driving sensation and a response adapted to all types of terrain.

Shifting during 0-35 km/h acceleration
Stepless automatic shifting


Unlike traditional gear changes, OWURU offers a continuously variable transmission (CVT): you never find yourself between two gears, as there are an infinite number within a certain range. This feature becomes all the more interesting because the system is capable of automatically shifting gears for you—transparently and naturally. Your effort, combined with that of the electric support, is transferred to the wheel as efficiently as can be.
Simplified transmission


OWURU puts an end to derailleurs and the limitations they impose. With the gearshift function integrated into the central module, the derailleur is replaced by a simple, robust chain line with one fixed sprocket. OWURU shifts gears smoothly in any situation, whether you’re at standstill or under load. Thanks to the continuity of the gearshift and intelligent assistance, you can seamlessly accelerate with full power. What’s more, the internal gearshift system is protected from external impact.
That means both carefree and maintenance-free journeys.

3, 2, 1… MOUNT, SET UP, DRIVE!

On a derailleur bike, you have to constantly manipulate your gear control to maintain the cadence that suits you—the number of crankset rotations per minute. With OWURU’s Cadence Setting Control, you choose your personal cadence once and the system takes over: it will smoothly adjust the gear ratio according to the speed of the bike and the pedalling torque.

A little extra: the level of assistance and cadence can be adjusted via the same interface on the handlebar. A simplified dashboard for a full-on comfortable riding experience.

simple, robust
+ cutting-edge
Dual belt drive
Internal transmission between the various components goes via two synchronous belts, specifically designed for smooth, quiet operation.
Planetary gearset
This is the heart of OWURU technology: the planetary gearbox intelligently combines human power with that of the two electric motors to produce a continuously variable transmission.
Dual Motor
The propulsion module uses two brushless electric motors, each connected to a part of the planetary gearbox. One handles the speed ratio, while the other handles the level of assistance. Both motors supply power to the output.
The two electric motors and eight sensors are connected to a single control board for clean, efficient integration. The board incorporates a powerful microcontroller that modifies motor commands 20,000 times per second.
Technical specs
Max power
Max motor torque
Max assistance level
Gear range
Motor operating frequency
Supply voltage
Propulsion module weight
Automatic continuous
OWURU : the first
motor on
the market
Decathlon is the first manufacturer to offer electric bikes equipped with the OWURU propulsion module. The first continuously variable motor on the market now powers the BTWIN LD 920 E Automatic, a top-of-the-range urban e-Bike that will help Decathlon to shake up industry standards. And this is just the beginning. Other models will soon follow.
About E2 Drives

OWURU uses cutting-edge technology developed by E2 Drives. It took the engineers over 10 years of development to turn this technology into a fully-fledged industrial product. E2 Drives is a Belgian technology lab, keen to push the boundaries of electric mobility. With a focus on mechanics, electronics and embedded software, the engineering company is active in electric human amplification and is working on a wide range of innovative solutions. The OWURU propulsion module is designed in Belgium and assembled in France. The supply chain for the module’s components is almost entirely European.